My first recollection of beautiful imagery is watching classic movies as a child. Seeing portraits of them after that really had a big impact on me and I starting drawing from them, especially George Hurrell's photographs. Drawing from them was my way of being part of that. Later, seeing Way Bandy's appearance on a talk show (and skipping school that entire week to watch him) lead me to start playing with makeup. After a while I started to work with photographers doing makeup & hair for a few years, and then decided I wanted to take the photographs myself. After several years of shooting on film came the digital age and Photoshop, and I couldn't be more excited having the ability to retouch my images to my liking. Creating the image from beginning to end including makeup & hair, the photography and photo retouching is very gratifying and elevating. Being self taught in all facets comes from a passion for really wanting to learn the craft. Creating an image I love is an escape, and when I'm in the zone that's when I feel most alive.